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  • Well done

    Well done

    14th December 2017

    We said goodbye to 5 Beavers last night as they swam up to Cubs to contiune on their Scouting Journery well done to the two who have achieved their Chief Scouts Bronze Award. They have all worked hard over the last two years in Beavers and will have great fun in Cubs. ...

  • Congratulations


    29th November 2017

    Congratulations to Pam Hall (Chatter) who was awarded her 5 year service award last night by the District Commisioner Stuart Yuill ...

  • Halloween Sleepover

    Halloween Sleepover

    30th October 2017

    The Beavers had a great halloween themed sleepover this weekend . We had everything from slime making to glow in the dark bowling and playing games in the park not forgetting the all important halloween party. ...

  • Investitures this term

    Investitures this term

    30th March 2017

    Welcome to the new Beavers that have made their promise during the term and We're sure you'll all have a great time at Beavers. ...

  • Investiture time

    Investiture time

    16th November 2016

    We welcomed a new Beaver into the Colony this week . Well done on doing your promise on your own and we're sure you'll have a great time with us over the next 2 years. ...

  • Chief Scout Bronze Awards

    Chief Scout Bronze Awards

    12th October 2016

    We had the great pleasure of being able to present a Chief Scout Bronze Award tonight. The accumulation of 2 years of hard work.  Well done and we're sure you'll enjoy your time in Cubs. ...

  • A great time at Maxwell Park

    A great time at Maxwell Park

    10th October 2016

    The Beavers had a great time at Maxwell Park today for a treasure hunt led by the Explorer Unit. We were joined by Beavers from the 3rd Glasgow for a range of activities from skipping to bark rubbing. Great teamwork shown by all. ...

  • Another lot of investitures

    Another lot of investitures

    5th October 2016

    We welcome another three new Beavers into the colony this week. We are sure all our new Beavers will enjoy their time with us. ...

  • More new Beavers

    More new Beavers

    21st September 2016

    We welcomed another 4 new Beavers to the colony tonight and there is still another investiture cerimnoy to go this term! ...

  • Group Weekend visit

    Group Weekend visit

    12th September 2016

    The Beavers and their parents had a great time visiting the Group parent and child camp on Saturday. They got the chance to take part in many activities from Grass sledging to plaster casts to backwoods cooking. A great time was had by all.  ...

  • Welcome


    7th September 2016

    Welcome to the 3 Beavers who made their promise tonight and became full members of the Scout Group. We look forward to the new Beavers who joined us this week and last making their promise in a few weeks time. ...

  • Chief Scout Bronze Awards

    Chief Scout Bronze Awards

    15th June 2016

    Congratulations to the 4 Beavers (Ramsay, Finlay, Stanley & Nicholas) who were presented with their Chief Scoutís Bronze Awards. One of the four , Finlay, has managed to complete not just one but two Bronze Awards. He completed the old requirements with the 2nd Cranham in Greater London North...

  • Pets at home visit

    Pets at home visit

    1st June 2016

    The Beavers had a great visit to Pets at Home tonight and all went away having learnt a lot about how to look after pets. Thank you to David and Robert for a great visit. ...

  • Dentist Visit

    Dentist Visit

    25th May 2016

    Thank you to Bruce who came along to Beavers tonight and taught them all about looking after their teeth and what makes a healthy snack. The Beavers and leaders all learned alot. ...

  • Chief Scout Bronze Awards

    Chief Scout Bronze Awards

    30th March 2016

    Well done to the five Beavers who achieved their Chief Scout Bronze Award tonight . This is the top award in Beavers and requires them to completed the six challenge badges along with at least 4 activity badges. Five of them were 'swum up' to Cubs to continue on their Scouting journey and aim for...

  • Chief Scout Bronze Award

    Chief Scout Bronze Award

    16th March 2016

    Well done to the Beaver who was awarded his Chief Scout Bronze Award tonight. This is the top Award for Beavers and it takes a lot of work over the two years they are in the colony to complete.  ...

  • Beaver Sleepover

    Beaver Sleepover

    13th March 2016

    The Beavers had a great time at Auchengillan this weekend taking part in everything from grass sledging to totem pole making. They also had the chance to meet Beavers from the 98th Glasgow who joined us for our sleepover this year. Lots of happy (if tired) Beavers at the end as you can see! ...

  • Chief Scout Bronze Awards

    Chief Scout Bronze Awards

    16th December 2015

    Congratulations to the two Beavers who 'swam up' to Cubs tonight on completing their Chief Scouts Bronze Award the highest award availible to Beavers and gain by completing all six of the Beaver Challenge Badges. ...

  • Regional Commissioners Challenge

    Regional Commissioners Challenge

    25th November 2015

    We done to the Beavers on being awarded the Regional Commissioners Challenge for 2015. The award is given to Beaver Colonies who have achieved a high level of activities and badges throughout the Scout year. ...

  • Japan Night

    Japan Night

    18th November 2015

    Thank You to Euan and Tom for coming along tonight and telling us all about their experience at the World Scout Jamboree in Japan during the Summer . The Beavers loved hearing about your experiences and I'm sure some of them will be applying for the World Jamboree once they are old enough to...

  • Teamwork Challenge

    Teamwork Challenge

    4th November 2015

    It was great to present the first of the new challenge badges tonight. All the Beavers completed their teamwork challenge tonight having taken part in lodge challenges and shown the leaders that they could be good friends to each other as well as leading their team during a game or activity. Well...

  • S'mores


    7th October 2015

    The Beavers had great fun tonight making s'mores over candles. They all successfully lit their own candle before cooking a marshmallow over it. Their happy faces showed it's definately an activity to be repeated in the future. ...

  • Community - Visit to Tesco Silverburn June 2015

    Community - Visit to Tesco Silverburn June 2015

    10th June 2015

    The Beavers were able to take part in Tesco's "Farm to fork" programme. Where we learned about different types of cheese and got to taste them ! A visit around the bakery and got to taste some different types of fruit. The Beavers enjoyed their time at the store and a big thank you to Tesco for...

  • Beaver Sleepover March 2015

    Beaver Sleepover March 2015

    29th March 2015

    This years theme for the sleepover was "Pirates" and we all had a wonderful time at Avondyke Scout Centre. We made masks, ships and cooked marshmallows over an fire.  ...

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